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Terms and Conditions

This privacy statement applies to Foobler and any of its affiliates which control and make use of visitor information collected via this site.

FOOBLER works with the governments Privacy Guidelines and Spam Act issued on 17th September 2001, effective as of 11th April 2004 (see here ). Important elements of our privacy policy are:

1. Personal details provided by FOOBLER via electronic responses from this site will not be forwarded, sold, or made available in any way to any third party.

2. However, FOOBLER may communicate with you again with other information that is complimentary to your original request.

3. Each of these communications will have a ‘opt-out’ message so you can choose not to receive further FOOBLER communications.
FOOBLER generally uses personal information to:

1. Provide you with products or services you have requested;

2. personalise and customise your experiences on the FOOBLER website;

3. provide you with ongoing information about opportunities on the FOOBLER website; and

4. give you the opportunity from time to time to receive e-mails and ‘e-newsletters’ from FOOBLER.
If you as a visitor choose to register or submit information to this Website, you agree to the use of such data in accordance with this privacy statement. Please note that this site contains links to other sites, which may not be governed by this privacy statement.

If you wish to opt out of communications to FOOBLER, please contact us via the navigation bar.

Information Collection

As a visitor, you do not have to submit any personal information in order to use the Web site. The site collects only personally identiFOOBLERble information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by visitors. Such information may consist of, but is not limited to, your name, current job title, company address, email address and telephone and fax numbers.

We do not usually seek sensitive information (e.g., data relating to race or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, criminal record, physical or mental health, or sexual orientation) from visitors. We will, where necessary, obtain visitors¡¦ explicit consent to collect and use such information

Information Use

Personal information is used only for limited purposes. For example, when you register with the Web site to gain access to premium content or request future communications, we may use the information you submit to create a personal profile to customize our response to further requests or inquiries. We may also use the information to personalize your Web site experience.

We will ensure that our marketing activities comply with applicable law, and implement procedures to obtain necessary consents before sending you email containing information about FOOBLER service offerings. You may at any time request that we discontinue sending you such materials.

Information Security

We have in place reasonable commercial standards of technology and operational security to protect all information provided by visitors from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

FOOBLER reserves the right to modify or amend this privacy statement at any time and for any reason. Nothing contained herein creates or is intended to create a contract or agreement between FOOBLER and any user visiting the Web site or providing identifying information of any kind.


FOOBLER is committed to ensuring the privacy of your personal information and the ten privacy principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988. FOOBLER is dedicated to providing reasonable access to individuals who wish to review the personal information retained by FOOBLER and to correct any inaccuracies that personal information may contain. Individuals who would like to request a copy of their personal information or a copy of the FOOBLER Privacy Policy should contact the FOOBLER Privacy Officer. In all cases we will treat requests to access or change information in accordance with applicable legal requirements. Should you wish not to receive further information or to be removed from our mailing list, please contact us.