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4 Myths about Food Rewards

There are quite a lot of myths surrounding using food or treats to train or reward your dog. Here are the ones one hears most often: 1. Food rewards amount to bribery Think about the word ‘bribery’. What does it actually mean? A bribe is something you give in return... read more

Dog Treats and Feeding

Some foods that are good for us are poisonous to your pal. That won’t stop him or her from begging for them and wolfing them down with apparent enjoyment. So what’s good for your dog and what isn’t? Bones I always believed that boiled marrow bones are safe and help a... read more

The Top Dog boredom busters

Do you remember being bored as a kid? Invariably, boredom led to mischief. You did things you knew you shouldn’t do just to help the time pass. Your dog feels much the same way. If your dog doesn’t have entertainment, he or she will make their own entertainment – the... read more