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Have you ever wondered what keeps your dogs busy during the day while you are out at work? Or why do dog owners buy toys for their dogs?

Dogs are similar to young kids who need to be entertained, something to give their focus and at the same time, a way they can help their mental and physical development. They can get bored at times specially when they are alone at home and this can sometimes be a nuisance digging, barking and all other types of nuisances behind it .


Last May 19, 2017 Dr. Harry featured High-Tech toys and equipments that will definitely be loved by your furry best friend. Among all those is Foobler, the best thing to keep your dogs happy and entertained, as what Dr. Harry said giving your dog something to eat while you were away is the best way to keep them tamed if you keep your dog feeling good it is much less likely to be anxious.

Foobler is an innovated puzzle feeder  for your dogs. Some of its qualities that is greatly love by Dr. Harry are:

*It has 6 small chambers – basically it delivers small quantity of food at a certain time.

*Scheduled feeding Program – You can also schedule their feeding program, you can select from its different feeding timer modes; training mode, play tracker, new time settings and sound alert settings. By using and installing the Foobler app you can now also check your pets activity either during the day, a week, a month or even a year as long as your dog is using the bluetooth Foobler.

* Alarm – It has a noise that alerts the dog that food will be dispensed. It is the time when he has to turn it around.

You can program as to where and when amounts of food will be dispensed and your dog can also associate the sound with the food. You can watch this video and check out what Dr. Harry says about Foobler. (

Aside from the qualities of the Foobler that was mentioned by Dr. Harry, Here are some benefits that your dogs will get by using a Foobler:

Doggy Fun: Dogs are just like us humans who love to play and be entertained

  • Reducing Undesirable Behaviour: Reduce boredom and the chance of your garden furniture or garden hose being chewed or gardens dug up
  • Healthy treats: The Foobler lets you set the timer for when the dry dog food is released. Your Doggy will be treated to healthy treats through-out the day
  • Brain Development: Our 4 legged friends are just like us. The more we play, entertain and engage in activities, the more alert we stay
  • Maintains your dog’s true nature: To hunt and forage
  • BFA free plastic & 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Due to the increase inquiry from interested pet owners we are now looking for more Stockist such as Dog Trainers, Dog Professionals & Retail stores that can help us accommodate the demand from customers.