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Bupa Pet Insurance Names Foobler an ‘Ingenious Toy’

The Foobler has been described as ‘ingenious toy’ in a recent article by Bupa Pet Insurance. ‘Choosing Healthy Pet Treats Made Easy’ lists some of the best ways to spoil your pet with nutritious treats and the Foobler is featured for its brilliant dispensing properties. This interactive learning game dispenses food for up to nine hours throughout the day, making it the perfect companion of dogs with working owners.

‘If your usually well-behaved pet decides to dig holes, chew furniture or generally enjoy making a mess while you’re away, then the Foobler, a self-reloading puzzle feeder, could be for you.’

You might be shocked to know this conundrum affects 4.2 million dogs in Australia who are often left alone once the weekend or school holidays finish. Even though you might love coming home to those puppy dog eyes and wagging tail, the fact of the matter is that your pooch has probably spent a long time bored, frustrated or lonely. The Foobler solves this common household issue by providing not only hours of entertainment, but also mental stimulation.

What some Dog owners don’t understand is that dogs have similar mental development of young children. They need to be entertained, played with and focus kept on productive activities so avoid bad behavioural patterns developing.

As Bupa says, ‘working on the notion that dogs prefer to hunt for their food, the Foobler helps to keep them active and entertained.’ So you can go to work guilt free and come home to a truly happy and contented dog. This means antisocial behaviours such chewing on furniture or personal items and digging up the garden can become a thing of the past.

The interactive nature of Foobler means your dog gets the same mental stimulation as kids get at school all day long, as they problem solve in order to receive treats. It also helps them stay true to their nature as hunter and foragers.

Whilst a treat is the reward for their hard work, at Foobler we know how important your pet’s health is to you, so you won’t want to over indulge your four-legged friend. Bupa’s article contains many great suggesting for healthy treats you can load in your Foobler. But you also get to set a timer so that the toy dispenses treats at a rate you decide is healthy for your pet. This means that both your dog’s mind and body stays active and healthy while you’re at work.


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The Foobler has been described as ‘ingenious toy’ in a recent article by recent Bupa Pet Insurance. Find out what else the insurance company had to say: