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Dear Foobler Potential Retailers

(yes we are looking for Reseller, retail outlets and loving Dog people who would love to stock and Sell the Foobler),

We are having enormous success in selling the Foobler and looking at how we can help our Dog businesses, by letting them Stock and Sell the Foobler

I’m reaching out to you (i.e. blog reader) to see how we can help your business (and hopefully our’s, which is also in the dog industry, by a simple WIN WIN).

FYI – we predominately help Dog’s by offering the Foobler (being called the World’s Best Dog Toy/ Interactive Feeder), that is really creating a buzz (I’ve included a few testimonials below)

I have listed a few ideas down to see how we can help your business and of course (these are all free…. And if you are asking why? then I have a principle the more I help others, the better off we are)

The top 3 ideas to help your dog business are:

  1. We can do a Facebook post to our fanbase over 1,300+ followers about something you love about Dogs (only rule is that the post can’t be negative towards dogs… I know, very unlikely, though have to be upfront)
  2. A special mention on our blog about a topic you are passionate about (for example, if you have a special niche interest about Dogs, let us know and we can share it)
  3. Setup a free e-commerce page for your business, with your branding to drive some extra sales for your business (yes, I’m being genuine). This may sound crazy, though it’s really easy for us to setup and we are happy to promote the Foobler. All you need to do is let your customers know the webpage, we shall do the dispatch and delivery of the Foobler and we shall send you the profits… kinda like a joint venture.

Anyway, it’s a lot of information to take in and  understand we have not met face to face, so have included a video below introducing myself and

(isn’t technology funny how we can introduce ourselves online first). Hopefully this works as an ice breaker

And to get a feel for the Foobler, I have included a couple of stories of happy Foobler customers

Thank you very much for my Foobler. My 4 month old puppy had STOPPED destroying my back yard. It’s the only interactive toy that he hasn’t chewed to pieces & believe me he try’s. 

Thank you Mel & Rowdy (pup) 

“Hi Peter

Well I’m sold out!!! Would you be able to reserve another 24 Fooblers

Kay – K9 Club”

I understand you are super busy running your business and if don’t have time to respond, then no problem, though if you could, even with a 1 liner to let me know your interest, that would be appreciated.

Regards,Peter & the Team at Foobler

(0421 001 613)
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P.S – did you know that a Harvard study found that people who adopted Dogs significantly lowered their blood pressure?