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“Smarter Feeding for Your Four-legged Best Friend”

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So what is the Foobler?

Food + tumbler = Foobler

The Foobler is an automatic self-reloading puzzle feeder with 6 timer activated pods. 

It’s like having 6 puzzle toys in one, that deliver a full day’s worth of regular kibble or treats for them to enjoy.

It keeps your Dog playing an interactive and learning game, dispensing food throughout the day.

Oh, and did we mention the…. Foobler lasts up to 9 hours!

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Its Easy as 1, 2, 3

Insert Batteries

Click open section to insert x2 AA batteries


Insert Treats

Add your favourite treats (up to 12 mm), select the Timer


Turn On

Turn on Foobler and watch your Dog be entertained for hours


Why Your Dog will Love you for the Foobler

Maintains your Dog’s True Nature: A dog’s DNA is to hunt and forage for food and to be challenged daily to keep it active. The Foobler will continue this and make your Dog love you even more

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Reducing Bad Behaviour

Stop having had your outdoor furniture chewed or garden hoses ruined

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The more they play, entertain and engage in activities, means a smarter and happier Doggy

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Doggy Fun,& Healthy Treats

Dogs are just like us humans who love to play, be entertained and have food treats during the day.

Foobler was designed for interactive and supervised play, and is recommended for dogs up to 50lbs (not Giant breeds) 

Always supervise your Dog when introducing the Foobler to ensure it’s not used a chew toy.

The Mini Foobler is perfect for small and mini dog breeds and designed specifically to be lighter in weight and size




Delivery within AUSTRALIA ONLY

** Excludes delivery to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers ** 

(Shipping is $9.90 AUD

via Express Post or Courier)




Delivery within AUSTRALIA ONLY


** Excludes delivery to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers **

(Shipping is $9.90 

via Express Post or Courier)

Common questions

No, you will need to purchase x2 AA batteries

The following leaftlet shows you how to insert batteriesset the timer, turn on and wash the Fooblerplus trouble shooting

Please see the video on how to open How to install the Foobler Batteries

Please see the video on how Open the Foobler lids

Please see the video on how  turn on the Foobler  – Make sure the Green light is flashing

Please see the video on How to Introduce the Foobler to Timid and Playful Dogs

We specifically selected materials that are FDA compliant.
Note: the Foobler does require x2 AA batteries so your Dog should be monitored at all times when using the Foobler

The bell sound or size of Foobler can sometimes be intimidating to small or timid pets.
• Be certain your dog is hungry and interested in eating the kibble you will be offering.
• Introduce Foobler to your pet by placing 2-3 pieces near Foobler. Once your pet eats those pieces of kibble go to the next step.
• Place several pieces of kibble in the finger cut outs on the food lid on top of Foobler. When your pet is comfortable eating those pieces then go to the next step.
• Once your pet understands that Foobler is associated with their favorite food, introduce

The Foobler  was designed for interactive and supervised play, and is recommended for dogs up to 50lbs.

And weigh approximately 600 grams

It can accept kibbles up to 12mm in diameter.

Yes the Foobler comes with an instruction leaflet

Confidently, the answer is quite simply… YES!
Once Foobler has been returned to us (within 30 days from original order date), we’ll provide a one-time replacement… no questions asked.
Please reach us via our contact page for more information
If you purchased Foobler from a Retailer, please return to their location.

The Foobler has the option of 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes food dispenser settings

Very! Still, no dog toy is indestructible. The Foobler  was designed for interactive and supervised play, and is recommended for dogs up to 50lbs.
Monitor your dog during play, and inspect the toy frequently; worn or damaged Foobler toys should be removed and replaced immediately.
If you think your dog has swallowed a piece of Foobler , contact your veterinarian.
Ultimately, your dog’s safety is your responsibility.

Foobler is an interactive puzzle feeder and not a chew toy. It is designed to be highly durable, but aggressive chewers need to be monitored until they understand

• It is ideal for you to introduce Foobler to your pet in an interactive manner to help them understand how it works to deliver food.
• Observe how your dog plays with Foobler. If they continue to play to the point of chewing or gnawing, take away Foobler and reintroduce it to your dog with the next bell alert to reinforce understanding that food is available again. Repeat this method to help them learn how Foobler works.
• Demonstrate the relationship between the bell sound and food by pressing and holding the power button then rock and roll the Foobler to allow kibble or treats to fall out the hole. Repeat this several times to be sure your pet understands that the bell means food.

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