Introducing the Worlds’s Best Dog Toy – The Foobler. Entertain and Keep Your Dog Happy For Hours…

Does your Dog suffer from

  • Digging Holes in your Backyard and making a mess
  • Chewing on your outdoor furniture
  • Eating all your Garden Hoses
  • Being left along (BORED) all day when you are away

Introducing… the Revolutionary Foobler Dog Toy

Introducing… The Amazing New Foobler.

The Most Advanced and Engaging Dog Toy ever made, that is Making Dogs Australia wide wag their tail. It keeps your Dog playing an interactive and learning game for up to 9 hours, dispensing food throughout the day.

In the below video, you will see how Dogs loves playing with the Foobler. It’s the first interactive Dog Toy that rewards your 4 legged friend by intermittently dispensing food to your Dog as a reward for playing with the Foobler Toy. It’s even got a real bell that “Dings” when food is dispensed

It’s a self-reloading Dog puzzle feeder for your dog. It challenges, stimulates and feeds your dog for up to 9 hours.

In the below video, you will hear from the Founders of the Foobler and hear about the journey and excited fan base who were keen to get their hands on a Foobler for their Dog. It’s exciting to bring the first interactive Dog Toy that rewards your 4 legged friend to Australia.

“Just a note to say we love the Foobler. It’s easy to use and makes me feel better when I leave for work and now our choc Lab has a Toy to play with all day.”
Cynthia – Castle Hill

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You know a dog’s natural instinct is to hunt for food (not get it from the Supermarket). Hunting for food, keeps a Dog’s brain and body active and engaged. A key sign of a Dog that is bored and wants entertainment and fun is chewed outdoor furniture or many dug up holes in the backyard.


The Foobler is an automatic self-reloading puzzle feeder with 6 timer activated pods.

It’s like having 6 puzzle toys in one, that deliver a full day’s worth of regular kibble or treats for them to enjoy.

There are many pet puzzle toys and time release feeders available, however, nothing has filled the product gap between the two. The Foobler enables controlled feeding because it eliminates overfeeding in a single meal, or worse, over-filled bowls left out for continuous snacking.


Okay – get your Doggy ready for mega fun as it’s about to experience the Foobler

Step 1 - Containing your excitement, twist off the feeding lid, and pour in your dog’s Favourite kibble or treats.

(It can accept kibble to 3/4″ in diameter and will dispense them easily while your dog plays). The Foobler can hold up to two cups of kibble! That’s enough for even a large dog’s daily nutritional needs.

Step 2 - Set the time intervals, flip it over, remove the power pod, and select from 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes on the switch. The bell will ring and the Foobler will be ready to go. And YEPPP that’s a real bell you hear

Step 3 - It’s almost GO TIME (that’s fun doogy time). Twist the power pod back in and push the power button. You’ll see it light up and know that the Foobler is on and working!

Step 4 - Do a Happy Foobler Dance as you are ready to go.

Super Durable – It’s FREE of any BFA plastic so it’s safer for your Dog and more environmentally friendly. Plus super long lasting

Big Storage – 6 individual containers to store your Doggy’s favourite Dog treats (kibbles)

You are in Control – 4 different configurable timer settings to determine when your Doggy’s favourite food is dispensed

Geninue Bell that Rings – real bell that rings when food is comes out (just like Pavlov dog). We don’t use a pretend bell that is a digital speaker

Just to make you feel great and know you are about to make your Dog super happy by using the Foobler, we have listed the Top 6 ways you are going to make your Doggy’s life SOOO much more excitable (and WARNING… you may get lots and lots of extra Dog licks from your Dog as will be so happy with this awesome and fun toy they will have to play with.

The top 6 ways to help your dog

  • Doggy Fun: Dogs are just like us humans who love to play, be entertained and have food treats during the day. Image how you would feel, being left alone all day with nothing TO DO (it would be very boring, even stressful). The Foobler keeps your doggy happy and entertained when you are not around
  • Reducing Bad Behaviour: have you had your outdoor furniture chewed, garden hoses ruined or garden dug up
    Well chewed furniture is often a sign of a bored dog who will do anything to keep itself happy. The Foobler will give your Dog an outlet to use it’s energy and focus, rather than taking it out on your furniture
  • Healthy treats: The Foobler lets you set the timer for when the kibbles (the dry dog food you put inside the Foobler) to be released. It means you know your Doggy will be treated to healthy treats through the day to give it an energy boost and reward
  • Brain Development: our 4 legged friends us just like us. The more we play, entertain and engage in activities, the more alert we are stay (unlike sitting in front of the television all day). As the Foobler is an interactive toy that dispenses food at set times, it will keep your loving
  • Maintains your Dog’s True Nature: a dog’s DNA is to hunt and forage for food and to challenged daily to keep it active. This is especially for Dog’s with an inquisitive mind such as Golden retrievers, Labradors and German Shepherds. The Foobler puzzle will keep them trying new ways to play with the Toy to give them a reward


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Our introductory special is not guaranteed to last forever, so please take advantage so that you can stop your loving doggy from being bored and eating up your furniture. Whether you choose to take advantage of the awesome Foobler, I know your #1 Dog friend will love you even more for such an loving an amazing gift.

Regards, Chief “Dog Happiness” Officer

Peter Nobbs - Signature

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About Peter – Contact
Peter Nobbs had a Golden Retriever named “Cassy” growing up and has a real soft spot for them. When Peter’s daughter turns 1, he is going to add a new Goldie to his family and is already excited about it.
He is very excited to be bringing the Foobler to Australian and making 1000′s of Dogs even happier


Very durable product. Heavy than expected. Blacky loves it.
Hannah Elsom, Central Coast
Joshi loves her Foobler. Batteries lasted okay time.
Suzie, Coogee
Peter, very happy. Came home and Coco wasn’t asleep, rather playing with the Foobler
Eric Swan – Merrylands.

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